About Commissions


I work with people to find the right series of images or the right large images for their homes or other venues.  This process represents a commitment on both our parts.  I typically start with a no cost initial discussion and then if you decide you would like further consultation, we move to a contract for my time.  Half of payment for my contracted time is applied to any subsequent purchase made under this arrangement.  The minimum purchase under this arrangement is $1,200.

I have many more images available for sale than I am able to put on this website.  I spend time learning about your objectives and going through my large portfolio to suggest photographs for your consideration.  

I offer very large images with a certificate of authenticity in extremely limited editions.  Prices for these images start at $2,900.  Some images are enhanced with hand painted texture and those are one-of-a-kind. 

I think in most cases you will need to see the images in your venue before you make a decision.  If you are anywhere near local I will make every effort to bring final options to you.  Travel fees may apply by prior agreement.

You can contact me at grace.luddy@gmail.com for more information and to set up an initial discussion. 

Here are three of my large images:






Backsplash was taken near Mansion Beach, on Block Island.  This wave came up onto the sand, surged back and hit the next wave behind it.  The boundary where the two waves met zipped backward, throwing a plume of froth and water toward the sky.  This is not a black and white image.  It is an accurate representation of the ocean colors on that day, predominantly white of course, but also a dark grey green.

As an aside, I just want to mention that as I edit these words, it's blowing quite a gale.  There is a hurricane, (Matthew), down in the Caribbean that has just been upgraded to a category 4.  The ferries haven't run for two days and based on the forecast, they may not run tomorrow, or possibly for several days.  The ocean is really churning so I promise you, it's pretty much grey and white like this right now.

When my nephew was five years old, a test print of this image was drying in my studio.  He took one look, came running, and jumped right into the picture.   I haven't seen anything quite like this image for many years, but I keep looking... maybe even in this coming storm.







Blue and Blue


This was another of those mornings on Mansion Beach where the ocean decided to show me a color that I don't think I'd seen in quite the same way before.  If you like blue, especially the blue of really beautiful blue eyes, in fact the blue of my father's eyes, this is a wonderful sight.   This image soft and foggy and powerful all at the same time.

We have this image at our house and it takes up most of our hallway.  It's five feet wide and I've added texture to it with clear, acrylic medium.  It's big enough that we can almost feel that the water is right there with us.  At our house we say that we don't have waterfront, but we do have this picture.








Sometimes I ponder to think of a good name for a photograph and sometimes it's obvious.    Songline declared itself for this image right from the beginning.  I wish I could show you its impact when it's six feet wide.  I hope this image demonstrates something basic and universal.   By that I mean that something beautiful happened and keeps happening, even right now and all over every ocean, when water meets wind and meets light.