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You can see my prints, read stories and order prints from this site. 

Shipping is free for all prints.

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This image is called "Power."

When I select a print that I might possibly offer for sale, the first thing I do is produce many test prints in lots of sizes and with lots of subtle variations.  The thing is, what comes out on paper and what I see on the screen are not necessarily the same.  So I work on that.  I want to recreate both the scene and my feeling at the time I was taking the photograph.  I also decide at that time, what I believe to be the most effective possible sizes for the image. 

I use only museum quality, acid-free, archival materials.  If I am printing on paper, unless otherwise specified, I use 100% cotton, fine-art paper.  Once in a while I use fine art paper made out of bamboo, which has a creamy color that can be very nice with black and white pictures and certain others.  If that option is available for a certain picture, I'll let you know.  I use matte paper because I have found it to be the most effective way for me to demonstrate the luminous, painterly qualities of my images.  I make only limited edition prints.  I create, sign, and number each print myself.  

If I am on the island, the prints will take about a week to produce.   If I am on the mainland, I will make a note on this page so you that will know about any additional time that an order will take. 

Thinking ahead toward the holidays, please give as much lead time as you can, because mailing delays after the beginning of December can be quite significant. 

When you click on the links either up above or down below, you will see thumbnails of my available prints.  They are organized by category, so you can pick one category or you can see them all.  When you click on the thumbnail for each picture you'll see a little story about when I took the photograph.  When the site is finished, you'll also see options for each print - the sizes, matting and framing options that are available.

I will be working for the next several months to select and test what I hope are my best new images for a show of new work next summer.  The new images will subsequently be available for sale.  If you have any thoughts on what you would like me to work on from the images in the blog, I would love it if you let me know. 

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