Remembering Dad

IMG_8322 40 x 20 F 3 blog.jpg
IMG_8322 40 x 20 F 3 blog.jpg

Remembering Dad

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I sell only hand-signed, limited edition photographs.  They are unframed and unmatted.  This photograph is printed on Epson Ultra Smooth paper, which is 100% cotton, archival, museum quality paper.  It has a matte finish.

I have this photograph in our home in a larger 40" x 20" size.  I love it, but then I'm not the person to be objective about this picture.  It has a softer look - it isn't as sharp in the largest size as my other pictures.  So if you want this size, I'd like to discuss it with you and if possible give you a chance to see it first.   You can reach me through this website.

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This picture was taken one cold day in February, on the same day as "Power."  The wind was sandblasting everything, my face included, with hard, frozen particles.  I had just come back from Florida and a visit to my ailing father.  It was on this walk that I finally let go of the idea of that my father should live forever.  I said so, quietly, into the wind.  A few weeks later, my father was in a coma and was not expected to live through the night.  I left dishes in the sink, and with the help of friends, made it off the island to and to the airport.  I walked into his hospital room at about 1 in the morning, carrying my computer.   I said, "Dad, I've got pictures."  He woke up from his coma.  He said, "Watcha got?"