Last Light, Vaill Beach

2014Feb14_5173 1 18 11.75 half desat scr alot blog.jpg
2014Feb14_5173 1 18 11.75 half desat scr alot blog.jpg

Last Light, Vaill Beach

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You will probably notice a pattern as I talk about my pictures.  It's early in the morning, unless it's in the evening, and it's often cold and blowing a gale.   This one was in the evening, and yes it was cold and blowing.  I had climbed down the bluffs to Vaill Beach on the south side of the island.  It was tricky because I had to climb down on all fours in some spots, while managing my cameras.  But more to the point, the tide was coming in.  I was torn because I didn't want to wade through the ocean in the early spring but I didn't want to miss any pictures either.  I did make it back without getting wet but I was pretty cold.  I saw Frasier and Betty for an interview at the Block Island Times the next day and I happened to tell them I was still cold from my photo shoot the day before.  That's what they put in the paper.

I just want to say one thing about the colors in some of my wave pictures.  I didn't know until I lived on the island that waves could come in so many colors.  I have taken blood red pictures of waves at sunset from the south side of Block Island.  This one is a little softer.