Copper Evening, Hodge Property, Block Island

IMG_4169 18 11.75 4 blog.jpg
IMG_4169 18 11.75 4 blog.jpg

Copper Evening, Hodge Property, Block Island

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I sell only hand-signed, limited edition photographs.  They are unframed and unmatted.  This photograph is printed on Epson Ultra Smooth paper, which is 100% cotton, archival, museum quality paper.  It has a matte finish.

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I had just gotten my new camera, a Canon 5D Mark II.  At the time, it was quite the amazing camera.  Still is, in fact, (although by way of full disclosure I am currently lusting after a Canon 5D Mark IV.)  I was walking at the Hodge Property, and I was briefly talking to my brother George who was stationed in Iraq.  So this picture and my brother being away and in a war are indelibly joined in my memory. 

This is the first picture that I recall, when I learned to see the coppery silvery color and the amber light that can fill the sky and the landscape on Block Island.  I have since taken other pictures that share the same light, but back then it was news to me, a tremendous wonder.