6 AM, Great Salt Pond

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IMG_3411_4 29.25 9.25 blog.jpg

6 AM, Great Salt Pond

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I sell only hand-signed, limited edition photographs.  They are unframed and unmatted.  This photograph is printed on Epson Ultra Smooth paper, which is 100% cotton, archival, museum quality paper.  It has a matte finish.



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When I was in high school and I finally dragged myself out of bed, my father would intone, "I now believe in the resurrection of the dead."  So suffice to say I was not a morning person.  There are only a few things that can get me up in the morning:  Christmas before I was 10 years old, a classroom full of waiting students, a fire, a new golden retriever, and photography. 

So here I was, leaping around at 6 o'clock in the morning, and I had to, because there was not a breath of wind on Great Salt Pond and the boats were perfectly reflected in the water.  I particularly like the range of metallic colors in the water in this picture, and I like the fog in the distance.  I named this picture, "6 AM, Great Salt Pond," just to brag about being a morning person.

The truth is that especially on a cold winter night, with no offense, nothing to do on the island, my husband and I might look at each other and say, "We simply can't go to bed before 8 o'clock.  Only old people go to bed at 7:30".  It's amazing when you go to bed that early, what time you can actually get up.  And that's not a bad thing because all the good pictures are sitting out there waiting so early in the morning.