Middle Pond, Block Island

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IMG_7857 2 18 11.75 blog.jpg

Middle Pond, Block Island

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I sell only hand-signed, limited edition photographs.  They are unframed and unmatted.  This photograph is printed on Epson Ultra Smooth paper, which is 100% cotton, archival, museum quality paper.  It has a matte finish.

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I love to take photographs that have the calmest possible, clear and luminous water.   That means you have to have a clean lens and be extremely careful in post processing and printing, because the tiniest little piece of lint or dirt or any imperfection will be a problem because it has nowhere to hide.  This is also where it becomes interesting in working with matte paper, because if you use glossy paper and the whole thing is shiny how do you know when the light comes from the paper and when it comes from inside the picture?

I took this picture of Middle Pond, near the Hodge Property on Block Island.