Waves:  Living with the Ocean on Block island...

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 ...is a hard bound fine art book with beautiful pictures and essays about the ocean around Block Island.   My intent at a time when books have become commodities, was to create something where the book itself was part of the experience.  Everything is of the highest quality.  It has french folded papers was printed here in Rhode Island with organic inks and environmentally certified papers.   Don't let the small size fool you.  It was as costly to produce as a much larger book.  It is intentionally designed to fit easily in your hand, as a private experience. 

10% of my net profits from the sale of this book are donated to preserving the health of ocean waters, including the waters of Long Island Sound and to environmental restoration in the Gulf of Mexico and in and around Sendai, Japan. 


What people have said about it: 

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"I read a page every night.  I can't tell you what it means to me." 

"I have given it as a gift many times.  Every person has called me to tell me how much they love it, how they keep it by their bed or on their mantle or coffee table, and how they read it again and again." 

"I brought it to Sloan-Kettering when I was undergoing treatment.  I left it in the waiting room.  I thought others there should have it at a difficult time in their lives." 

"It is a demonstration of simplicity, beauty and restraint.  It says everything that's needed without one extra word."

And this from my Aunt Betsy:  "You made this, Grace?  It's beautiful!  And you dedicated it for Bill.  That's so nice!  I wish someone would dedicate a checkbook to me."

Cost: $30.00.  Sales tax is applied if you are in Rhode Island.  Shipping is free if you buy two or more books.