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You know how when you are in college and you have to write a thesis, the best thing is to pick a narrow topic?  Did I do that?  No I did not.  These were a few of my major papers:  "Aging Women in China - A Religious, Economic and Cultural Perspective", (All the) "Theories of Psychotherapy", "The Future of the Insurance Industry."  So I didn't exactly make things easy for myself.  And I also didn't today. 

I spent the day bashing my head against some satanic software that I needed for a project.  Here is an advanced and seldom mentioned hint from a professional photographer:  If you don't know how to do something the first time, you still won't know how after you do it the same way another 400 times.  (I would never suggest that you slow down and read the directions step by step.  That would be a waste of time).  If you're like me, sometimes it's harder to stop working on a project than it ever is to start.  I had to drag myself away and go exploring with my camera on the island...stop trying to do so much, start taking in.  And of course, solutions presented themselves the moment I stopped fighting and sighing about them.  I could simplify.  I really needed to simplify.  I complicate everything and I totally need to simplify.  Always.  Plus, I could ask for help with the things I didn't know how to do.  Plus, I talked to a friend and we love each other and that is always like medicine.  Plus, the only thing I might say that could possibly be of use to you, comes from the way I am learning to care for my life.  I know that.  So here's to stopping, going outside, talking to friends and simplification.